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Palermo Points is our way of saying Thank You for your continued patronage.  The benefits of Palermo Points are endless, and start as soon as you sign up! Becoming a member ensures you are up to date with all the happenings at Palermo Pub including events and specials!  The club rewards you for being one of our valued guests, with email coupons, deals and complimentary menu items such as burgers, salads and appetizers!


How it Works | Becoming a Member is Easy

Becoming a part of the club is easy! Maintaining your account is even easier! When you visit Palermo ensure you leave your phone number on your receipt and points will be added to your account. The more points you have the more rewards you receive. Coupons are emailed to your email as often as once a week, and can be used anytime. Just print the coupon and receive your rewards!!

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